John Donne and Conformity in Crisis in the Late Jacobean Pulpit

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Dezember 2003



Considers the contribution of John Donne to the homiletic public sphere in the last years of the Jacobean English Church. This book argues that his sermons embody the conflicts and tensions on religious discourse in this period. It is framed by Donne's sermon defending James I's Directions to Preachers and his sermon before Charles I in 1625.


"Discreet or religious preachers" - John Donne and the late Jacobean public sphere; "the indiscretion of that foole" - John Knight and the Jacobean pulpit, 1620-22; "the fishing of whales" - John Donne's sermons, 1620-22; "faire interpretation" - the "Directions" and the crisis of censorship; "wise as Serpents and innocent as Doves" - zeal and discretion in the pulpit, 1623-35; "Jesus wept" - the journey to Spain and pulpit lamentation; "blinde buzzards in the choise of a wife" - sermons and the moral marketplace; "the lovesick spouse" - Parliament, patriots and the public sphere; "Church-quakes" - post-Parliamentary fault lines; "if the foundations be destroyed" - rules of engagement; "blessed sobriety" - John Donne, the public sphere and Caroline conformity.


With this most admirable and insightful study, Shami succeeds in illuminating a short but overwhelmingly significant period in English history. Highly recommended. CHOICE Exhaustively researched, intelligently arranged, and cogently argued. RENAISSANCE QUARTERLY A major achievement in Donne studies. (...) The scholarship is impeccable. STUDIES IN ENGLISH LITERATUREA painstaking and highly nuanced account of (Donne's) religious and political evolution during the period in question.(...) Clearly written, well organised, thoroughly documented in both primary and secondary sources, beautifully indexed, and handsomely produced.(...) This very fine series. SIXTEENTH CENTURY JOURNAL
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