Music Theory for Non-Music Majors

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Juli 2004



Written to provide a fundamental understanding of how every day music essentially works, without compromising a solid theoretical approach. It is written in a simple and straightforward manner, using the piano keyboard as a starting point for developing notational and analytic skills. Covers the basic elements of notation; major and minor scales; scale degrees, key signatures, note values, and simple meter; melodic intervals; melody; triads, compound meter, and principles of notation; seventh chords, chord symbols; and harmony and melody. For anyone who wishes to discover the basic principles of music theory.


1. The Keyboard and Basic Elements of Notation. 2. Major and Minor Scales. 3. Scale Degrees, Key Signatures, Note Values, and Simple Meter. 4. Melodic Intervals. 5. Melody. 6. Triads, Compound Meter, Principles of Notation. 7. Seventh Chords, Chord Symbols. 8. Harmony and Melody. Appendix A: Additional Pieces for Analysis. Appendix B: International Acoustic Society Note Designations. Appendix C: Tempo, Dynamic and Expression Marks. Index.
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