Liberalism with Honor

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April 2002



Why do men and women sometimes risk everything to defend their liberties? What motivates principled opposition to the abuse of power? In < i>


Preface 1. Liberal Inspirations Political Agency and the Need for Inspiration Excavating Honor 2. Honor and the Defense of Liberty in the Old Regime The Place of Honor in the Old Regime Honor's High Ambitions Reverence and Reflexivity The Partiality of Honor Recognition and Resistance 3. Honor and Democracy in America The Conflict between Honor and Democracy Honor and Self-Interest Well Understood "A Little of Their Greatness" 4. The Love of Fame and the Southern Gentleman Honor and the Love of Fame at the Founding Slavery and the Southern Gentleman 5. Honor and Democratic Reform Lincoln's Principled Ambition Frederick Douglass: The Soul of Honor Honor and Self-Sovereignty: Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony Honor in the Civil Rights Movement 6. Conclusion: Pluralism, Agency, and Varieties of Democratic Honor Notes Bibliography Index


Sharon R. Krause is Professor and Director of Graduate Studies, Department of Political Science, at Brown University.


Sharon Krause has written one of those rare works of academic political theory that demand a wide audience. Raising the question of the status of honor in liberal democratic societies, it treats its subject with intelligence, seriousness, and a graceful style that can only be the envy of her fellow academics. -- Steve Lenzer Weekly Standard 20020805
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