Ceramicus Redivivus: The Early Iron Age Potters' Field in the Area of the Classical Athenian Agora

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Juni 2003



This volume presents selected material associated with potters' workshops and pottery production from some 14 Early Iron Age contexts northwest of the Athenian Acropolis that range in date from the Protogeometric through Archaic periods. Located in the area that was to become the Agora of Classical Athens, these deposits establish that the place was used for industrial activity until it was formally transformed into the civic and commercial center of the city in the early 5th century B.C. The Early Iron Age potters' debris published in this volume sheds light on many aspects of pottery production, in prehistory as well as in the Classical and later periods. The material includes test-pieces, wasters and other production discards. There is also a reassessment of the evidence associated with the kiln underlying the later Tholos.


List of illustrations; List of tables; Foreword; Introduction; The material and its context; The material and its interpretation; Test-pieces in later periods; Ceramicus redivivus; Estimation of ceramic firing temperatures by means of thermomechanical analysis; References; Concordances; Index.


John Papadopoulos is Assistant Professor in the Department of Classics, the University of California Los Angeles. He has spent many years excavating in Greece and specialises in Classical Archaeology.

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