Are We in Time?: And Other Essays on Time and Temporality

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Essays convey the full and varied signifigance of time for human life and thought


Preface by Gregory R. Johnson Part I: First Considerations 1. The Concept of Time in Western Thought 2. Talk of Time Part II: A Kantian Rethinking of Some Kant 3. The Question of Noumenal Time 4. Time and Ethics: How Is Morality Possible? 5. Experiential Time and the Religious Concern Part III: Metaphysics as if Time Matters 6. Are We IN Time? 7. Perspectivity and the Principle of Continuity 8. Res Cogitens: The Time of Mind 9. Toward Experiential Metaphysics: Radical Temporalism Part VI: Time, Freedom; and the Common Good 10. The Temporality of the Common Good: Futurity and Freedom 11. The Process of Polity


Charles M. Sherover is Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at Hunter College. He is the author/editor of The Human Experience of Time (Northwestern, 2001), and the author of Heidegger, Kant, and Time (Indiana, 1971) and Time, Freedom, and the Common Good (SUNY, 1989). He has also translated Rousseau's Social Contract (Harper & Row, 1984). Sherover was recently given the 2002 Josiah Royce Award by the Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy. Gregory R. Johnson received his Ph.D. in philosophy from the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. He currently teaches in the Swedenborgian House of Studies at the Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley, California.
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