The Principles of Psychology, Volumes I and II

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Dezember 1981



William James's "The Principles of Psychology marked a turning point in the development of psychology as a science in America. It has become a source of inspiration in philosophy, literature, and the arts. Its stature undiminished after ninety-one years, "The Principles of Psychology appears now in a new, handsome edition with an authoritative text that corrects the hundreds of errors, some very serious, that have been perpetuated over the years.


VOLUME I Foreword Introduction: The Intellectual Context by Gerald E. Myers Introduction: The Historical Context by Rand B. Evans THE PRINCIPLES OF PSYCHOLOGY Chapters I-XVI VOLUME II Chapters XVII-XXVIII Index


Frederick Burkhardt, formerly a professor of philosophy and then a college president, is President Emeritus of the American Council of Learned Societies.


A permanent classic, like Locke's Essay and Hume's Treatise. -- John Dewey The Principles of Psychology is simply a stunning achievement, a triumph of American scholarship...James's versatility, as both writer and thinker, is evident at every point throughout this book. There is nothing out of his range. He provide[s] a lucid, masterful summary of the evidence bearing upon a given topic; [and] consider[s] both the overt and tacit arguments involved in the research...Principles represents the cumulation and synthesis of doctrine and learning; it is hard to imagine anyone else as perfectly positioned to write the definitive text on psychology. Psychology Today
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