Surgical Attending Rounds

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Extensively revised to reflect contemporary practice and residency training, this book is an excellent self-teaching tool for general surgery residents and medical students. It is the only surgical review that presents each topic as a realistic clinical case with question-and-answer teaching points and clinical decision-making algorithms.Each chapter has a major section on minimally invasive surgery, a Point-Counterpoint clinical debate on a controversial topic, and additional algorithms. Reflecting today's emphasis on evidence-based practice, this edition specifically indicates the level of evidence supporting diagnostic and therapeutic recommendations. This edition fits easily into a pocket.


Preop Assessement Wound Healing Chris Brandys Breast Cancer Andy McFadden Thyroid and Parathyroid Nicholas Coe GI Reflux Eric DeMaria Esophageal Cancer Brian Kaplan PUD David Page Gastric Cancer Scott Lind Bariatric Surgery Eric DeMaria SBO K. Francis Lee Appendicitis K. Francis Lee IBD Jan Wojcik Diverticular Disease Fabio Potenti Colon Cancer Todd Tuttle Anorectal Disease Todd Tuttle GB Disease Viriato Fiallo Portal Hypertension Jeffrey Kaufman Pancreatis Jeannie Savas Pancreatic Cancer James Frank Inguinal Hernia Timothy Emhoff Carotid Artery Disease Mark Levy Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Marc Norris Adrenal Tumors Merrill Coronary Artery Disease Cornelius Dyke Valvular Heart Disease James Gammie Lung Cancer Pasquale Ferraro and Andre Duranceau COPD Pasquale Ferraro and Andre Duranceau Melanoma William Reed Burn Injury Dennis Gore Trauma Bruce Simon Renal Transplantation Robert Madden Appendix 1 Basics of Mechanical Ventilation Mike Aboutanous Appendix 2 Hemostasis and Coagulation Disorders Cornelius Dyke Appendix 3 Nutrition Jeannie Savas Appendix 4 Inflammation
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