Brain Damage and Repair: From Molecular Research to Clinical Therapy

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This book builds a novel bridge from molecular research to clinical therapy. This approach reveals the functional features of neurons and glia in the particular context of vulnerability and self-protection, intracellular properties and extracellular matrix. Arising from this platform, this volume unfolds the molecular and systemic processes underlying migration disorders, axonal injury, repair and regeneration.


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A: The Vulnerable Neuron or Why Neurons Die. 1. The aging brain - the burden of life; S. Hoyer, K. Plaschke. 2. Gene expression and its regulation in neurons; L. Kaczmarek. 3. Morphological peculiarities of the neuron; I.P. Johnson. 4. Synaptic plasticity: hyperexcitability and synaptic silencing; L. Martínez-Millán, G. García del Caño, I. Gerrikagoitia. 5. The axonal burden; H. Aldskogius. 6. The self-destruction of neurons - physiological and pathophysiological decisions for the functional integrity; J. Prehn, D. Kögel. 7. The organelles I: Mitochondrial failure; J.M. Cuezva. 8. The organelles II: Endoplasmic reticulum and its overload; W. Paschen. 9. Transcriptional dysfunctions as pathogenic mechanism of neurodegenerative diseases; B. Kaminski. 10. Formation of radicals; M. Götz, M. Gerlach.
B: The Extraneuronal Matrix - Sites of Multiple Degenerative Processes. 11. Axon guidance and repulsion. The molecular code of social life in the brain; J.A. del Río, F. de Castro, E. Soriano. 12. Microglia and the cerebral defence system; D. van Rossum, U.K. Hanisch. 13. Generation and differentiation of astrocytes during central nervous system development and injury; C. Vicario-Abejón, M.J. Yusta-Boyo. 14. Oligodendrocytes in health and disease; C. Domercq, C. Matute. 15. The myelin glial cell of the peripheral nervous system: The Schwann cell; D. Echevarría, S. Martinez. 16. The Müller glia: role in neuroprotection; E. Vecino, M. García.
C: The Brave Neuron - Self-Protection, Plasticity and Restoration. 17. Neural plasticity and regeneration: myths and expectations; J.M. Delgado-García, A. Gruart. 18. Neuronal protection against oxidative damage; O.S. Jørgensen, A.S. Nielsen. 19. Functional recovery in the peripheral and central nervous system after injury; D. González-Forero, B. Benítez-Temiño, R.R. de la Cruz, A.M. Pastor. 20. Neural plasticity and the cell biology of learning; M. Nieto-Sampedro. 21. Neural plasticity and central nervous system lesion repair; M. Nieto-Sampedro. 22. Regulation of the intrinsic growth properties in mammalian neurons; F. Rossi. 23. Glutamate, calcium and neurodegenerative disease: impact of cytosolic calcium buffers and their potential role for neuroprotective strategies; F. Bergmann, B.U. Keller. 24. Postnatal neurogenesis and neuronal regeneration; C. López-García, J. Nacher. 25. Migration disorders and epilepsy; C. Haas, M. Frotscher.
D: Therapeutic Principles. 26. Invasive strategies as therapeutic approaches for central nervous system diseases; J.A. Armengol. 27. General aspects of neuropharmacology in relation to brain repair following trauma; A. Ribeiro. 28. Stem cells and nervous tissue engineering; I. Liste, A. Martínez-Serrano. 29. Cell transplants and artificial guides for nerve repair; X. Navarro, V. Verdú. 30. Modern late neurologic rehabilitation: neuroscience and motivating functional rehabilitation; P. Bach-y-Rita. 31. Viral gene delivery; S. Isenmann.
E: The Neurodegenerative Disorders: Molecular Pathogenesis and Treatment. 32. General remarks on the bridging between basic research and clinics; P. Kermer, M. Bähr. 33. Mechanical lesions of the peripheral nervous system; C. Krarup. 34. Stroke and ischemic insults; V. Ceña, M. Fernández, C. González-García, J. Jordán. 35. Parkinson's disease I: Degeneration and dysfunction of dopaminergic neurons; H. Wilms, G. Deuschl. 36.Parkinson's disease II: Replacement of dopamine and restoration of striatal function; C. Winkler, Kirik. 37. Alzheimer's disease; R. Alberca, E. Montes. 38. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and related disorders; R. Dengler, J. Buffler. 39. Pharmacological strategies for neurodegeneration and overview of clinical trials; L. Ley, T. Herdegen. 40. Monitoring brain dysfunction through imaging techniques; M. Ptito, R. Kupers. 41. Functional assessment of human brain with non-invasive electrophysiological methods; J.L. Cantero, M. Atienza. 42. Legal implications of therapeutic options; M. Herdegen.
F: Glossary.
G: List of Contributors.
H: Index.

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