Modeling and Simulation: Theory and Practice

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Februar 2003



Modeling and Simulation: Theory and Practice provides a comprehensive review of both methodologies and applications of simulation and modeling. The methodology section includes such topics as the philosophy of simulation, inverse problems in simulation, simulation model compilers, treatment of ill-defined systems, and a survey of simulation languages. The application section covers a wide range of topics, including applications to environmental management, biology and medicine, neural networks, collaborative visualization and intelligent interfaces. The book consists of 13 invited chapters written by former colleagues and students of Professor Karplus. Also included are several short 'reminiscences' describing Professor Karplus' impact on the professional careers of former colleagues and students who worked closely with him over the years.


Part I: W.J. Karplus, Scientist, Educator and Friend. Doctoral Students of W.J. Karplus. Publications of W.J. Karplus. 1. The Technical and Scientific Contributions of Professor Walter J. Karplus; G.A. Bekey.
Reminiscences. 2. W. Karplus my Friend and Colleague; B.Y. Kogan. 3. A Conversation with Walter Karplus; V.R. Vemuri. 4. Some Memories of Walter Karplus; J. McLeod. 5. Walter Karplus - Friend; I. Winn.
Part II: Methodology.
6. The Spectrum of Mathematical Modeling and Systems Simulation; W.J. Karplus. 7. Models and Reality: Some Reflections on the Art and Science of Simulation; G.A. Bekey. 8. Structure Characterization of Ill-Defined Systems. G.C. Vansteenkiste, J.A. Spriet. 9. Inverse Problems; V.R. Vemuri. 10. Model Interoperability in the Discrete Event Paradigm: Representation of Continuous Models; F.J. Barros, B.P. Zeigler. 11. A Simulation Model Compiler for All Seasons; G.A. Korn. 12. Simulation Languages and Applications; R.C. Huntsinger.
Part III: Applications of Simulation.
13. Parallel Simulation for Environmental Management; W.K. Giloi, T. Lux, M. Schmidt, A. Sydow, S. Unger. 14. Role of Intracellular Ca2+ Dynamics in Supporting Spiral Wave Propagation; B.Y. Kogan, S. Lamp, J. Weiss. 15. Simulation of Brain Hemodynamics: The Virtual Aneurysm; D.J. Valentino, M.R. Harreld, D.A. Lee, G.R. Duckwiler. 16. Evolving Neural Networks: Selected Medical Applications and the Effects of Variation Operators; D. Fogel. 17. Road Map and Issues in Collaborative Visualization; A. Pang, C.M. Wittenbrink. 18. Intelligent Interfaces for Mission-Critical Systems; H.S. Kohen, J.A. MacDonald, C. Yoedhana, J.D. Balakrishnan.
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