Molecular Mimicry, Microbes & Autoimmunity

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August 2000



This book is the first comprehensive review of molecular mimicry. It offers an examination of the origins of the field, the current status, and the new developments that could lead to a better understanding of molecular mimicry and how infectious agents trick the host immune system to turn against a particular organ or group of organs in the human body. Focusing on studies that identify mimicry between infectious agents and host molecules, Molecular Mimicry, Microbes, and Autoimmunity draws together research being done in a wide range of disciplines and academic departments.


1. An Overview: Molecular Mimicry and Disease 2. Principles of Molecular Mimicry and Autoimmune Diseases 3. Molecular Mimicry and Central Nervous System Autoimmune Disease 4. Molecular Mimicry between Streptococcal M Protein and Cardiac Myosin and the Immunopathogenesis of Rheumatic Fever 5. Antigenic Mimicry between Self and Coxsackievirus Proteins Leads to both Humoral and Cellular Autoimmunity to Heart Proteins 6. Molecular Mimicry and Heart Disease 7. Peptide Mimicry of Streptococcal Group A Carbohydrate 8. Role of Superantigens in Molecular Mimicry and Autoimmunity 9. Petitide Induction of Systemic Lupus Autoimmunity 10. Mimicry between DNA, Carbohydrates and Peptides: Implications in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus 11. Peptide Mimicry of the Polysaccharide Capsule of Cryptococcus neoformans 12. Autoimmunity in Lyme Arthritis: Molecular Mimicry between OspA and LFA-1 13. Exploiting Molecular Mimicry in targeting Carbohydrate Antigens 14. Structural Basis of T-Cell Receptor Specificity and Cross-Reactivity 15. Molecular Mimicry and Determinant Spreading 16. Molecular Mimicry: Lessons from Experimental Models of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus and Antiphospholipid Syndrome 17. Contributions of Viruses and Immunity to Diabetes and Development of Strategies to Treat and Prevent Autoimmune Disease 18. Molecular Mimicry and Chagas' Disease
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