Women Wielding the Hoe: Lessons from Rural Africa for Feminist Theory and Development Practice

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August 1995



'... should be an invaluable reference for policymakers in Africa as well as for scholars involved in the search to find a scenario which would give the African woman the pride of place she has so well earned.'Mary Chinery-Hesse, Deputy Director General, International Labour Office, Geneva'Women Wielding the Hoe is a timely book, analysing western perceptions of development, from a self-critically western perspective. It will be of interest to students and teachers looking at the role of African women in economic and political development. The experiences of twelve researchers involved in feminist analysis and development in Africa are gathered in this book, providing an excellent overview of the recent history of women in/and development thinking, and contributing to the ongoing African vs Western feminist debate.'African Studies Review & Newsletter'Even for those knowing little about the subject this is an excellent read and is highly recommended for all workers in the fie
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