Some Spirits Heal, Others Only Dance: A Journey Into Human Selfhood in an African Village

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Juni 1999



Discussing ideas of "the self" and "myself", "spirit" and "human selfhood", this text is a quest for understanding as the author and his colleagues participate in, and film rituals of, ecstatic union with nature spirits in an African village.


Roy Willis Emeritus Fellow in Social Anthropology,University of Edinburgh


'A fascinating, well-documented ethnographic study of ritual trance, sorcery and healing behavior among the Lungu people of northern Zambia... Willis' study has a unique twist -- he describes his own paranormal experiences... This rather non-traditional ethnography should be a useful addition to anthropology collections in large academic libraries.'Library Journal'I cannot put it too strongly how important it is to publish this book, to correct the balance of ethnography to include the deeper levels of ritual that as yet fall outside the boundaries of 'science'. Willis is one of the new breed of experiencing anthropologists, producing meticulously documented ethnography. What the author has done during his fieldwork is to use his own deepest power, that of healing, for his field people. This alone makes the book truly unique. The book shows how he continually edged in his style and thinking towards the ways of the Lungu until he began to experience as they did. In the
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