A Court in Exile: The Stuarts in France, 1689 1718

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Januar 2004



The first full study of the exiled King James II's court in France.


Introduction; 1. France, Rome and the exiled Stuarts Edward Gregg; 2. The Chateau Vieux de Saint-Germain; 3. The royal household under James II, 1690-1701; 4. The royal household under James III, 1701-1712; 5. The household servants; 6. The Stuarts and the court of France; 7. The portraits of the Stuarts and their courtiers; 8. The court as centre of Italian music; 9. Poetry at the exiled court (with a section by Howard Erskine-Hill); 10. The court as a centre for Catholicism (with a section by Geoffrey Scott); 11. The education of James III; 12. From France to Lorraine, 1712-1715; 13. From Lorraine to the papal states, 1716-1718; 14. The court of Queen Mary at Saint-Germain, 1712-1718; 15. The Jacobite community at Saint-Germain after 1718; Epilogue; Appendix: the senior household servants; Bibliography.


Edward Corp is Professor of British History, University of Toulouse.


'Edward Corp's fine book illuminates many dark corners of what has too long been a neglected area of historical discourse.' The Tablet 'Edward Corp's fascinating, well written, and thorough examination of the Stuart court in exile after the Glorious Revolution of 1688 presents a special case that casts light on many of the issues ... Without doubt, A Court in Exile will be the standard work on the subject for years to come.' H-Albion@h-net.msu.edu 'Corp can only be praised for producing a first rate study of a forgotten chapter in British history. This important work destroys many myths about the exiled Stuarts and brings the Court of Saint-Germain vividly to life.' The Art Book 'Howard Erskine-Hill is the most formidable literary historian in their ranks ...'. Journal of Ecclesiastical History '... beautifully produced and well-illustrated ... will prove the definitive work on the subject for decades to come. ... Corp must be congratulated for his achievement. ... A Court in Exile provides us with a clear, well-sourced, and in-depth understanding of the problems facing the Stuarts in France ... it is hard to see how anybody will ever better Corp's fair-minded effort to explain this most slippery of subjects.' Royal Stuart Review
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