Literary Copyright Reform in Early Victorian England

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Talfourd's Copyright Bill was first presented in 1837, and the public and Parliamentary controversy it provoked is reflected in contemporary pamphlets, correspondence, and hundreds of petitions presented to Parliament, as well as in the changing aims of the Bill. This book explores and sets in context the making of the Copyright Act of 1842, using it to illuminate enduring issues and difficulties in the legal concept of intellectual property. A unique feature for legal historians is Appendix II in which Dr. Seville traces the progress of eleven versions of the Bill.


1. Introduction: the 1842 Act - passage and position; Copyright - its nature and history; Talfourd and his aims; Conflicting rationales; 2. Petitions and copyright: Petitioning - parliamentary history and background; Petitions; forms and formalities; Petitions; volume and subjects; 3. Critics in Parliament: The Radical nexus; Political cross-currents; Brougham; Macaulay; 4. Critics in the book trade I: print workers and their allies: Printers; Master Printers; Journeymen; Compositors; Pressmen; Machinemen; The dispute spreads - journeymen 1839-1840; The process of diffusion; Associated trades; Bookbinders; Papermakers; Other print-related specialisms; Supporters of cheap print; Camp followers; 5. Critics in the book trade II: publishing and publishers: the book trade and authors; Cheap publications: the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge; Cheap Publications - the book trade; Co-operation and organisation; The campaign against the bills; Publisher's petitions; Other means of protest; 6. The campaign in the daily press; London dailies; The Times; The Morning Chronicle; The Morning Post; Evening Papers; The Globe; The Courier; 7. Authors and the beginnings of authors' organisations: Southey; Wordsworth: campaign manager; The making of the case for the bill: petitions in favour; The argument in the periodicals; 9. Conclusion.
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