Musical Performance: A Guide to Understanding

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Dezember 2002



This book unravels the complexities of playing music and reveals aspects of learning, playing and responding to music relevant to performances of all levels. A survey of performance through the ages leads to a presentation of basic historical, analytical and psychological concepts. Four chapters follow on teaching, development, practice and memorization. The next section considers the "translation" from score to sound, physical projection, ensemble playing and performance anxiety. The final section addresses the act of listening, the legacy of recordings, music criticism and "performers on performance."


Introduction John Rink; Part I. Conceptions and Preconceptions: 1. Performing through history Colin Lawson; 2. Historical performance and the modern performer Peter Walls; 3. Analysis and (or?) performance John Rink; 4. Understanding the psychology of performance Eric Clarke; Part II. Learning to Perform: 5. On teaching performance Janet Ritterman; 6. Developing the ability to perform Jane Davidson; 7. Preparing for performance Stefan Reid; 8. Memorising music Aaron Williamon; Part III. Making Music: 9. From score to sound Peter Hill; 10. Communicating with the body in performance Jane Davidson; 11. Ensemble performance Elaine Goodman; 12. The fear of performance Elizabeth Valentine; Part IV. Interpreting Performance: 13. Listening to performance Eric Clarke; 14. The legacy of recordings Peter Johnson; 15. The criticism of musical performance Raymond Monelle; 16. Performers on performance Jonathan Dunsby.


"Overall this volume eschews theorizing, and several of the authors rely heavily on empirical studies to confirm what only anecdotal evidence has previously supported... accessible for performers and teachers at all levels..." Choice
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