Architects and the 'Building World' from Chambers to Ruskin: Constructing Authority

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Oktober 2003



This 2003 text examines how the authority of architects was created within the changing working practices of British architecture.


Introduction; Part I: 1. 'The shadow of their wings': the architect among builders John Gwynn; (i) William Chambers; The example of Chambers; 2. 'The poetry of architecture': the architect above builders Joseph Gwilt; (ii) John Soane; The example of Soane; Part II: 3. 'Mystery and craft are gone by': the poet's descent a language of men; 4. The pictorial art; 'never condescended': coming to terms with new disciplines Charles Barry; (iii) Pugin; A. J. Beresford Hope and the Ecclesiologists; Part III: 5. 'Conjunctive all': the sharing of knowledge in building John Britton; (iv) The artizan; 6. 'Orthodoxy of practice': The Builder and a new freemasonry Josiah Hansom and The Builder; (v) Alfred Bartholemew, The Builder and the Freemasons of the Church; (vi) Bartholemew's College; Godwin's Builder; Part IV: 7. Ruskin's changing prospect: Ruskin, Leeds, Lamb, and Loudon; (vii) The poetry of architecture; Modern Painters I and II; The Seven Lamps of Architecture; Part V: 8. Ruskin's descent: Ruskin and Thomas Carlyle; (viii) The Stones of Venice: James Fergusson and E. L. Garbett; Ruskin in 1854 and 1855; Ruskin and the PreRaphaelites; Part VI: 9. Incarnation: Ruskin, G. G. Scott and the architectural museum; (ix) Ruskin, Acland, and the Oxford Museum; Deane and Woodward; PreRaphaelite painters and sculptors and the Oxford Museum; Part VII: 10. Ruskin's reception: the 1850s and 1860s: John Pollard Seddon and the 'puginisation' of Ruskin; (x) G. E. Street: father of the Arts and Crafts; E. W. Godwin - the 'art-architect'; The architectural museum in the late 1850s; The failure of the Oxford Museum; Ruskin's lectures to architects.
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