Hegel, Nietzsche, and Philosophy

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This challenging study explores the theme of freedom in the philosophy of Hegel and Nietzsche. In the first half Will Dudley sets Hegel's Philosophy of Right within a larger systematic account and innovatively deploys the Logic to interpret it. The author shows that freedom involves not only the establishment of certain social and political institutions but also the practice of philosophy itself. In the second half, he reveals how Nietzsche's discussions of decadence, nobility and tragedy map on to an analysis of freedom that critiques heteronomous choice and Kantian autonomy, and ultimately issues in a positive conception of liberation. In boldly bringing Hegel and Nietzsche together into a conversation, something that is rarely attempted, Will Dudley has developed a set of original interpretations that will be of considerable importance to students of these philosophers, and more generally to political theorists and historians of ideas.


Acknowledgements; List of texts, translations and abbreviations; Introduction: freedom and philosophy; Part I. Freedom In and Through Hegel's Philosophy: 1. The place of freedom in Hegel's philosophy; 2. The freedom of willing: Hegel's Philosophy of Right; 3. Freedom beyond willing: From the Philosophy of Right to absolute spirit; 4. Freedom through Hegel's philosophy; Part II. Freedom In and Through Nietzsche's Philosophy: 5. The place of freedom in Nietzsche's philosophy; 6. The freedom of willing: decadence and nobility; 7. Freedom beyond willing: from nobility to tragedy; 8. Freedom through Nietzsche's philosophy; Conclusion: philosophy and freedom; Notes; Index.


'Dudley has produced well researched and documented interpretations of two of the most difficult philosophers in the history of philosophy.' Bulletin of the Hegel Society of Great Britain 'Lucidly presented and remarkably original ... a very well researched and thoughtful study.' Heythrop Journal
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