The Federal Theatre Project: A Case Study

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Drawing upon archival resources, official correspondence and personal interviews, this book provides a detailed examination of the U.S. Federal Theatre Project in the decade of the 1930s. It recreates the often chaotic but frequently exhilarating story of "Uncle Sam" as producer. Special attention is given to the controversial Negro unit; the prize-winning production of See How They Run; and the mass spectacles which attempted to incorporate Hallie Flanagan's vision of a truly national project rooted in local culture.


Acknowledgement; List of illustrations; Introduction; 1. A showboat for the people; 2. Glenn's plan; 3. Hoofers, mystics and a singing bird; 4. Typists and models; 5. A Negro theatre; 6. Power and control; 7. Dunbar and the children; 8. Slums and syphilis; 9. See How They Run; 10. Flotilla of Faith; Conclusion; Appendix A. Production calendar; Appendix B. Glossary of names; Bibliography.


Barry B. Witham is Professor at the School of Drama, University of Washington.


Review of the hardback: '... inspiring study ... Whitham's passionate archaeology uncovers a breathless political ambition that American theatre still struggles to emulate.' Plays International
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