Wireless Data Services: Technologies, Business Models and Global Markets

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November 2003



This book takes a deep look into why certain technologies, business models, and adoption strategies succeed while others fail, and how all these elements will impact the future of wireless communications. With the help of examples, case studies and interviews with industry luminaries, the authors identify the key factors behind the success or failure of different blueprints and provide insights into strategies of matching wireless technology and services to global markets.


Chetan Sharma is a recognized industry expert in strategy and implementation of wireless data and pervasive computing ideas and solutions. Mr Sharma was formerly Leader of the Emerging Solutions practice at Luminant Worldwide. Prior to this, Sharma served as founder and principal of Luminant's wireless practice. In this role, he oversaw global client engagements, provided vision and strategic direction, conducted wireless research and development, and established partnerships with leading industry players. Yasuhisa Nakamura is Senior Vice President at NTT DoCoMo USA. He is a widely recognized specialist of wireless telecommunications industry with over 20 years of experience. Dr Nakamura holds more than 50 patents (awarded and pending) and is a frequent speaker at international conferences.


'This is a useful practical cookbook for those who are skilled in the art or who wish to be ... Wireless data is here to stay, and this is an invaluable source of basic information.' IEE Review
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