Dispute Settlement Reports 2001: Volume 5, Pages 1777-2074

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The Dispute Settlement Reports of the World Trade Organization (WTO) include Panel and Appellate Body reports, as well as arbitration awards, in disputes concerning the rights and obligations of WTO members under the provisions of the Marrakesh Agreement. These WTO authorized and paginated reports in English are an essential addition to the library of all practicing and academic trade lawyers, and needed by students worldwide taking courses in international economic or trade law. Volume V reports on measures affecting the export of bovine hides and the import of finished leather (Argentina), Anti-Dumping Act of 1916 (United States), Term of Patent Protection (Canada), and Anti-Dumping duties on imports of cotton-type bed linen from India (European Communities).


Argentina - Measures Affecting the Export of Bovine Hides and the Import of Finished Leather (WT/DS155/R) Report of the Panel; United States - Anti-Dumping Act of 1916 (WT/DS136/11, WT/DS162/14) Award of th Arbitrator under Article 21.3(c) of the DSU; Canada - Term of Patent Protection (WT/DS170/10) Award of the Arbitrator under Article 21.3(c) of the DSU; European Communities - Anti-Dumping Duties on Imports of Cotton-Type Bed Linen from India (WT/DS141)Report of the Appellate Body.
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