Medical and Scientific Writing in Late Medieval English

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The late Middle Ages in England saw a flowering of scientific writing in the vernacular that moved English discourse in new directions and established new textual genres. This book examines the sociolinguistic causes and effects of that process, based on the empirical evidence from manuscripts and computerized files. Topics covered include scriptorial "house-styles," code-switching, translation strategies, and transmission processes. The book offers important new insights into vernacularization phenomena, and will be welcomed by historical linguists and medievalists alike.


1. Vernacularisation of scientific and medical writing in its sociohistorical context Paivi Pahta and Irma Taavitsainen; 2. Discourse communities and medical texts Claire Jones; 3. Transferring classical discourse forms into the vernacular Irma Taavitsainen; 4. Code-switching in medieval medical writing Paivi Pahta; 5. Entrances and exits in English medical vocabulary, 1400-1550 Juhani Norri; 6. Herbal recipes and recipes in herbals - intertextuality in early English medical writing Martti Makinen; 7. Middle English recipes: vernacularisation of a text-type Ruth Carroll; 8. The 'Declaracions' of Richard of Wallingford: A case study of a Middle English astrological treatise Linda Ehrsam Voigts; 9. Scriptorial 'house-styles' and discourse communities Irma Taavitsainen.


Irma Taavitsainen is Professor of English Philology at the University of Helsinki, and deputy director of the Research Unit of Variation and Change, University of Helsinki. Paivi Pahta is Research Fellow in the multidisciplinary Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies and a member of the Research Unit for Variation and Change in English, both at the University of Helsinki.

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