Minorities Within Minorities: Equality, Rights and Diversity

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August 2010



Groups around the world are increasingly successful in maintaining or winning autonomy. However, what happens to individuals within the groups who find that their group discriminates against them? This volume brings together sixteen distinguished scholars who examine the balance between group autonomy and individual rights in relation to conflicts involving gender, religion, culture, and indigenous rights in the national and international sphere.


Introduction Avigail Eisenberg and Jeff Spinner-Halev; Part I. Toleration: 1. Tolerable liberalism Melissa S. Williams; 2. A liberalism of conscience Lucas Swaine; Part II. Equality: 3. Multiculturalism and feminism: no simple question, no simple answers Susan Moller Okin; 4. Can intra-group equality co-exist with cultural diversity?: re-examining multicultural frameworks of accommodation Gurpreet Mahajan; 5. Gender versus culture: not always a deep disagreement Anne Phillips; 6. The rights of internal linguistic minorities Alan Patten; Part III. Individual Autonomy: 7. Autonomy, association and pluralism Jeff Spinner-Halev; 8. Sexual orientation, exit and refuge Jacob T. Levy; 9. On exit Oonagh Reitman; 10. Exit 'exit rights': reframing the debate Daniel M. Weinstock; Part IV. Self-Determination: 12. Identity and liberal politics: the problem of minorities within minorities Avigail Eisenberg; 13. Internal minorities and indigenous self-determination Margaret Moore; 14. Self-determination as a basic human right: the draft UN Declaration of Rights of Indigenous Peoples Cindy Holder; Part V. Democracy: 15. Associative democracy and minorities within minorities Veit Bader; 16. A deliberative approach to conflicts of culture Monique Deveaux.


Avigail Eisenberg is Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Victoria. She is author of Reconstructing Political Pluralism and co-editor of Painting the Maple: Essays on Race, Gender and the Construction of Canada. Jeff Spinner-Halev is the Schlesinger Professor of Political Science in the Department of Political Science at the University of Nebraska. He is the author of The Boundaries of Citizenship: Race, Ethnicity and Nationality in the Liberal State and Surviving Diversity: Religion and Democratic Citizenship.


"...a valuable and much welcomed contribution to studies in contemporary phenomenology and Husserl scholarship." --Christopher McTavish, Loyola University of Chicago: Philosophy in Review
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