African Images: Racism and the End of Anthropology

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This controversial book is an impassioned African response to the racial stereotyping of African people and people of African descent by prominent white scholars. It highlights how the media contributes to the growth of racist ideas, particularly in reporting current events in Africa, and demonstrates how some of America's most revered intellectuals cloak racist ideologies in ostensibly egalitarian discourses. The author seeks to rewrite the image of 'race' in order to show the damage racism can cause serious scholarship.


Peter Rigby formerly of Moi University,Kenya


'African Images is a benchmark publication on the subject of the role and relationship of racism and academia.'The Bookwatch'Rigby's compact analysis of Western intellectualism and its construction of race and racism serves as a shining example of the ethnographic 'Other' turning the pen on the imperialist in a well-researched and insightfully reasoned critique of Western thought.'JASO'This short book summarises the analytical stance which [Rigby] had been developing over the last twenty years... The passion, dedicated persistence, insights, wild swipes, jeremiads and scourgings of the money-changes that one had grown to expect from Peter Rigby are all there.'Social Anthropology
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