Righteous Content: Black Women Speak of Church and Faith

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Enter most African American congregations and you are likely to see the century-old pattern of a predominantly female audience led by a male pastor. How do we explain the dedication of African American women to the church, particularly when the church's regard for women has been questioned?
Following in the footsteps of Evelyn Brooks Higginbotham's pathbreaking work, "Righteous Discontent," Daphne Wiggins takes a contemporary look at the religiosity of black women. Her ethnographic work explores what is behind black women's intense loyalty to the church, bringing to the fore the voices of the female membership of black churches as few have done. Wiggins illuminates the spiritual sustenance the church provides black women, uncovers their critical assessment of the church's ministry, and interprets the consequences of their limited collective activism.
Wiggins paints a vivid portrait of what lived religion is like in black women's lives today.


Daphne C. Wiggins is the associate pastor and coordinator of congregational ministries at Union Baptist Church, Durham, North Carolina. Formerly, she was assistant professor of congregational studies at Duke Divinity School.


"Wiggins is offering us a legacy, something to help us understand in historical reflection why women are where they are, despite and because of the internal workings of black churches.... I am grateful for this important intervention into the study of black women's religious experiences. It offers us yet another opportunity to interpret the religious worlds of women whose lives are often unexamined." - North Star"
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