Optimising New Modes of Assessment: In Search of Qualities and Standards

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April 2003



This is an essential book for all those concerned with the field of assessment. It addresses relevant and timely conceptual and practical issues from a research perspective and, based on research results, clearly provides solutions to practical applications at the cutting edge of the emerging area of new modes of assessment. In a clear and rigorous manner, the authors explore new methods and study the various quality aspects of innovative approaches.


Contributors. Acknowledgements. Preface.
The Era of Assessment Engineering: Changing Perspectives on Teaching and Learning and the Role of New Modes of Assessment; M. Segers, F. Dochy, E. Cascallar.
New Insights into Learning and Teaching and their Implications for Assessment; M. Birenbaum.
Evaluating the Consequential Validity of New Modes of Assessment: The Influence of Assessment on Learning, Including Pre-, Post-, and True Assessment Effects; S. Gielen, F. Dochy, S. Dierick.
Self and Peer Assessment in School and University: Reliability, Validity and Utility; K. Topping.
A framework for Project-Based Assessment in Science Education; Y. Dori.
Evaluating the OverAll Test: Looking for Multiple Validity Measures; M. Segers.
Assessment for Learning: Reconsidering Portfolios and Research Evidence; A. Davies, P. LeMahieu.
Students' Perceptions about New Modes of Assessment in Higher Education: a Review; K. Struyven, F. Dochy, S. Janssens.
Assessment of Students' Feelings of Autonomy, Competence and Social Relatedness: A New Approach to Measuring the Quality of the Learning Process through self- and Peer Assessment; M. Boekaerts, A. Minnaert.
Setting Standards in the Assessment of Complex Performances: The Optimized Extended-Response Standard Setting Method; A. Cascallar, E. Cascallar.
Assessment and Technology. H. Braun.


"This edited book of readings jolts us out of traditional habits of mind about assessment... [The authors] explore a new vision of assessment for the new millennium."
Rick Stiggins, Assessment Training Institute, Portland, Oregon
"...This is a book not only an assessment interested audience will find useful and informative, but all educators and educational researchers should use it as an updated and rich resource for their work in the field of education."
Professor Kari Smith, Oranim Academic College, Israel
"Many readers of this book will react to or be challenged by the range and treatment of topics covered, with novel ideas or findings bubbling constantly to the surface. For that reason alone, the volume could be potentially useful as a library acquisition."
D. Royce Sadler, Griffith University
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