Design of Low-Voltage CMOS Switched-Opamp Switched-Capacitor Systems

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Juni 2003



This volume emphasizes the design and development of advanced switched-opamp architectures and techniques for low-voltage low-power switched-capacitor systems. It presents a novel multi-phase switched-opamp technique together with new system architectures that are critical in improving significantly the performance of switched-capacitor systems at low supply voltages.


List of Figures. List of Tables. Preface. Acknowledgement.
1. Introduction.
2. Analysis and Design Considerations of Switched-Opamp Techniques.
3. System Considerations for Switched-Opamp Circuits.
4. Circuit Implementation and Layout Considerations for Switched-Opamp Circuits.
5. Design of a Switched-Capacitor Pseudo-2-Path Filter Using Multi-Phase Switched-Opamp Technique.
6. Design of Low-Power and High-Frequency Switched-Opamp Circuits.
7. Design of Low-Power and High-Level Integrated Switched-Opamp Circuits.
8. Design of Ultra-Low-Power Single-Switched-Opamp-Based Systems.
9. Conclusion.
Appendix A: Procedures of Performing Time Domain Analysis of SC Circuits.
Appendix B: Analysis of Finite-Opamp-Gain Effects on Inverting SC Integrators.
Appendix C: Design Procedures of SC Biquadratic Filter.
Appendix D: Design Procedures of SC Ladder Filter.
References. Index.


From the reviews:
"This book presents design methodologies and the development of switched-opamp techniques. Detailed theoretical analysis and design limitation of the original switched-opamp approach are critically discussed. ... it emphasizes a novel approach named 'multi-phase switched-opamp', proposed by authors, which can lead to improvements in terms of speed potentiality with respect to the original switched-opamp technique. ... The book ... can be found interesting both for specialists in the topic and for postgraduate students who are already familiar with CMOS analog circuits." (Gaetano Palumbo, IEEE Circuits & Devices Magazine, Vol. 21 (4), July/August, 2005)
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