Distributed Sensor Networks

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Distributed Sensor Networks is the first book of its kind to examine solutions to this problem using ideas taken from the field of multiagent systems. The field of multiagent systems has itself seen an exponential growth in the past decade, and has developed a variety of techniques for distributed resource allocation. Distributed Sensor Networks contains contributions from leading, international researchers describing a variety of approaches to this problem based on examples of implemented systems taken from a common distributed sensor network application; each approach is motivated, demonstrated and tested by way of a common challenge problem. The book focuses on both practical systems and their theoretical analysis, and is divided into three parts: the first part describes the common sensor network challenge problem; the second part explains the different technical approaches to the common challenge problem; and the third part provides results on the formal analysis of a number of approaches taken to address the challenge problem.


1. Introduction to a Multiagent Perspective; V. Lesser, C.L. Ortiz, Jr., M. Tambe. Part I: The Sensor Network Challenge Problem. 2. The Radsim Simulator; J.H. Lawton. 3. Challenge Problem Testbed; P. Zemany, M. Gaughan. 4. Visualization and Debugging Tools; A. Egyed, B. Horling, R. Becker, R. Balzer. 5. Target Tracking with Bayesian Estimation; J.E. Vargas, K. Tvalarparti, Zhaojun Wu. Part II: Distributed Resource Allocation: Architectures and Protocols. 6. Dynamic resource-bounded negotiation in non-additive domains; C.L. Ortiz, Jr., T.W. Rauenbusch, E. Hsu, R. Vincent. 7. A satisficing, negotiated, and learning coalition formation architecture; Leen-Kiat Soh, C. Tsatsoulis, H. Sevay. 8. Using Autonomy, Organizational Design and Negotiation in a DSN; B. Horling, R. Mailler, Jiaying Shen, R. Vincent, V. Lesser. 9. Scaling-up Distributed Sensor Networks; O. Yadgar, S. Kraus, C.L. Ortiz, Jr. 10. Distributed Resource Allocation; P.J. Modi, P. Scerri, Wei-Min Shen, M. Tambe. 11. Distributed Coordination through Anarchic Optimization; S. Fitzpatrick, L. Meertens. Part III: Insights into Distributed Resource Allocation Protocols based on Formal Analyses. 12. Communication and Computation in Distributed CSP Algorithms; C. Fernandez, R. Bejar, B. Krishnamachari, C. Gomes, B. Selman. 13. A Comparative Study of Distributed Constraint Algorithms; Weixiong Zhang, Guandong Wang, Zhao Xing, L. Wittenburg. 14. Analysis of Negotiation Protocols by Distributed Search; Guandong Wang, Weixiong Zhang, R. Mailler, V. Lesser.
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