School Violence Intervention

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August 2004



Now in a revised and updated second edition, this highly informative volume provides empirically based models for intervening with students at risk for aggression and protecting school safety overall. Current advances in research and practice are reflected in the book's detailed coverage of effective intervention approaches at the student, school, and system levels. Presented are strategies for reducing violence risks in Pre-K-12 classrooms, managing problem behavior in a range of settings and among diverse student populations, conducting academic and curriculum interventions, developing crisis management and safety plans, building successful partnerships with families and outside agencies, and more. Contributors include leading scientist-practitioners as well as experienced educators and policymakers. Special features of the second edition include new chapters on legal issues and on creating a climate for change in the schools.


Part I: Introduction. Goldstein, Conoley, Student Aggression: Current Status. Part II: Practitioners' Perspectives. Striepling-Goldstein, The Low-Aggression Classroom: A Teacher's View. Braaten, Creating Safe Schools: A Practitioner's Perspective. Grady, Haar, Losh, The State Department of Education's Role in Creating Safe Schools. Part III: Student-Oriented Interventions. Carey, Preschool Interventions. Keller, Tapasak, Classroom-Based Approaches. Poland, School Crisis Teams. Oestmann, Interventions for Aggressive Students in a Public School Day Treatment Program. Kodluboy, Gang-Oriented Interventions. Part IV: School-Oriented Interventions. Sullivan, Conoley, Academic and Curriculum Interventions. Morrison, Furlong, D'Incau, Morrison, The Safe School: Integrating the School Reform Agenda to Prevent Disruption and Violence at School. Trump, Security Policy, Personnel, and Operations. Goldstein, Controlling Vandalism: The Person-Environment Duet. Part V: System-Oriented Interventions. Christenson, Anderson, Hirsch, Families with Aggressive Children and Adolescents. Garbarino, deLara, Coping with the Consequences of School Violence. Conoley, Sullivan, The Real World: Good Ideas Are Never Enough. Part VI: Special Topics. Gwendolyn Cartledge, Carolyn Talbert Johnson, School Violence and Cultural Sensitivity. Hyman, Mahon, Cohen, Snook, Britton, Lurkis, Victims and Victimizers: The Two Faces of Violence. Rozalski, Yell, Law and School Safety. Part VII: Summary and Challenges for the Future. Conoley, Goldstein, The Known, Unknown, and Future of Violence Reduction.


Jane Close Conoley, PhD, is Dean of Education and Human Development and Professor of Educational Psychology at Texas A&M University. Dr. Conoley has served as a consultant to mental health and educational agencies around the world, working to increase safety and academic achievement for children and resilience and job satisfaction for adults in those settings. Her research has centered on change processes that are related to increasing the acceptability of behavioral and mental health interventions in complex organizations. Arnold P. Goldstein, PhD (1933-2002), was Professor of Special Education at Syracuse University, Director of the New York State Task Force on Juvenile Gangs, a member of the American Psychological Association Commission on Youth Violence, and a member of the Council of Representatives of the International Society for Research on Aggression. Dr. Goldstein developed three influential approaches to prosocial skills training: skillstreaming, aggression replacement training, and the Prepare Curriculum. Reflecting his role as Director of the Syracuse University Center for Research on Aggression, much of his research and teaching centered on helping youngsters replace antisocial, aggressive behaviors with constructive, alternative means of seeking life satisfaction and effectiveness.


"The collection is an impressive and comprehensive one. Every chapter is worthwhile and in general the style is accessible and often quite practical in focus, while also maintaining a perspective on research and evaluation...There is much to learn from the range of experience in this book." - Peter K. Smith, Developmental Neurorehabilitation, Vol. 9, No. 4, October 2006
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