Bartok's Mikrokosmos: Genesis, Pedagogy, and Style

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B la Bart k's Mikrokosmos is a collection of 153 pieces for piano designed by the composer as a series graded according to difficulty. The pieces were written between 1926 and 1939, and have become by far the best-known series of teaching pieces by a major composer in the twentieth century.


Part 1 PART ONE: Genesis Chapter 2 1. BARTOK AS PIANIST Chapter 3 2. BARTOK AS TEACHER Chapter 4 3. BACKGROUND AND DEVELOPMENT OF THE MIKROKOSMOS Part 5 PART TWO: Pedagogy Chapter 6 4. TECHNIQUE AND MUSICIANSHIP Chapter 7 5. FORMAT AND DEFINITIONS Chapter 8 6. VOLUME ONE Chapter 9 7. VOLUME TWO Chapter 10 8. VOLUME THREE Chapter 11 9. VOLUME FOUR Chapter 12 10. VOLUME FIVE Chapter 13 11. VOLUME SIX Part 14 PART THREE: Style Chapter 15 12. BARTOK'S MUSICAL LANGUAGE Chapter 16 13. VOLUME ONE Chapter 17 14. VOLUME TWO Chapter 18 15. VOLUME THREE Chapter 19 16. VOLUME FOUR Chapter 20 17. VOLUME FIVE Chapter 21 18. VOLUME SIX


Benjamin Suchoff is Adjunct Professor in the Department of Ethnomusicology at the University of California, Los Angeles and a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers. He has been successor trustee of the estate of Bela Bartok, curator of its New York Bartok Archive, and editor of the fifteen-volume Bartok Archive Studies in Musicology Series and the two volumes of the Bartok Archive Edition series of piano works.


Dr. Suchoff has given us the tools with which to fashion an approach to the teaching and performance of the Mikrokosmos. Written in a most accessible style, the result is a source book destined to accompany the Mikrokosmos into the future as part of our musical heritage. -- Walter Ehret, NYSSMA News As it appears to me, it deals of a very good work and I shall not fail to recommend it to those who ask for information on Mikrokosmos. -- Denijs Dille, Budapest Bartok Archivum This book is excellent, especially so because of its comprehensiveness. An invaluable text for every student and teacher of piano. -- John P. Paul, The Catholic University of America For anyone who is interested in Mikrokosmos's relationship to Bartok's overall output or who uses the collection as part of their piano teaching, Suchoff's book will be essential reading. Music Teacher Among the more notable literary contributions is Benjamin Suchoff's extensive monograph, Mikrokosmos, written with meticulous care and a vast knowledge. -- John Weissmann, Studia Musicologica
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