Searching for a Different Future: The Rise of a Global Middle Class in Morocco

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August 2004



Cohen studies the Moroccan middle class's varied transnational identifications with a global market economy, as these identifications bear on middle class citizens' increasing detachment from the nation state and its local political economies.


Global market capitalism and social change; National development and the formation of the modern middle class; New social groups for a new era; A generation of Fuyards; Conclusion: Economic insecurity and social formation


Shana Cohen is Senior Research Fellow in Social Policy and Social Care at Sheffield Hallam University in Sheffield, England.


"Shana Cohen is making a significant contribution to understandings of how insertion into the world economy feels to those on the global margins and how their search for a new form of identity shapes their relations to religion, the state, and each other. This is not only an important book but one with literary value as well: we come as close as we can to understanding individual struggles and the resulting complications."--Miguel Centeno, Princeton University "Searching for a Different Future is superb. Shana Cohen's work provides an outstanding example for all scholars who take seriously the productive potential of work that is at once theoretical and empirical, objectivist and subjectivist, economically sophisticated and culturally savvy, regionally situated and unabashedly global."--Jonathan Cutler, coeditor of Post-Work: The Wages of Cybernation
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