Callaloo Nation: Metaphors of Race and Religious Identity Among South Asians in Trinidad

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Oktober 2004



Analyzes the relationship between conceptions of racial and ethnic identity and the ways social stratification and inequality are reproduced and experienced in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.


Introduction: "This rainbow has teeth"; A "crazy quilt society"; Locations and dislocations; The problem of "Simi-dimi"; Carving knowledge from ways of knowing; "No bhakti, only gyan"; "You get honor for your knowledge"; Conclusion: Mixing metaphors


Aisha Khan is Associate Professor of Anthropology at New York University. She is a co-editor of Women Anthropologists: Selected Biographies.


"Callaloo Nation is a solid contribution to anthropological theory and Caribbean ethnography. In helping us to understand that group identity is in constant flux, Aisha Khan shows, far better than just about anybody else, what the term 'essentialize' really means."--Sidney Mintz, author of Caribbean Transformations "Aisha Khan is an exceptional ethnographer. Callaloo Nation brings to fruition her many years of ethnographic research focused on both Indo-Trinidadians and the social construction of their identities. There is nothing like this work in the literature on the Caribbean or on postcolonial societies in any region. It will be a shaping force in social science research on the Caribbean."--Dan Segal, coauthor of Jane Austen and the Fiction of Culture: An Essay on the Narration of Social Realities
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