Bakhtin: Ethics and Mechanics

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Table of Contents
Introduction, by Valerie Z. Nollan
Dialogics and Dialectics: Bakhtin, Young Hegelians, and Dramatic Theory, by David Krasner
Bakhtin's Ethics and an Icanagraphic Standard in Crime and Punishment, by Jacqueline A. Zubeck
Let us say that there is a human being before me who is suffering: Empathy, Exotapy, and Ethics in the Reception of Latin American Collaborative Testimonia, by Kimberly A. Nance
Toward a Philosophy of the Art: Russia as a Chronotope in Ruralist Writing, by Valerie Z. Nollan


Dialogics and dialectics - Bakhtin, young Hegelians and dramatic theory, David Krasner; Bakhtin's ethics and an iconographc standard in "Crime and Punishment", Jacqueline A. Zubeck; let us say that there is a human being before me who is suffering - empathy, exotopy and ethics in the reception of Latin American collaborative "Testimonio", Kimberly A. Nance; toward a philosophy of the art - Russia as a chronotope in ruralist writing, Valerie Z. Nollan.


Valerie Z. Nollan is an associate professor and chair of the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures at Rhodes College and editor and translator of Vladimir Soloukhin's A Time to Gather Stones (1993), also from Northwestern University Press.
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