The Ethics of History

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April 2004



he authors of this volume, internationally renowned philosophers and intellectual historians, come together to address this question, in all its novelty and ambiguity, and to develop multiple and varied perspectives on the place and nature of ethics in the philosophy, enterprise, and practice of history


A. Historical Representation; 1. "In Praise of Subjectivity" by F. R. Ankersmit; 2. "Representation, Narrative, and the Historian's Promise" by Edith Wyschogrod; 3. "Some Aspects of the Ethics of History-Writing: Reflections on Edith; Wyschogrod's An Ethics of Remembering by Allan Megill; 4. "Prudence, History, Time, and Truth." by Arthur Danto; B. Postmodernist Challenges; 5. "No Tear Shall Be Lost: The History of Prayers and Tears" by John D. Caputo; 6. "The Tomb of Perseverance: On Antigone" by Joan Copjec; 7. "The Confession of Augustine" by Jean-Francois Lyotard; 8. "The Limits of Ethics and History" by Joseph Margolis; C. History and Responsibility; 9. "Responsibility and Irresponsibility in Historical Studies. A Critical Consideration of the Ethical; Dilemma in the Historian's Work" by Jorn Rusen; 10. "An Ethically Responsive Hermeneutics of History" by Rudolf A. Makkreel; 11. "Committed History" by Thomas R. Flynn; 12. "History, Fiction, and Human Time: Historical Imagination and Historical Responsibility" by David; Carr
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