Introduction to Systemic Functional Linguistics: 2nd Edition

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Februar 2005



This new edition of the best-selling An Introduction to Systemic Functional Linguistics explores the social semiotic approach to language most closely associated with the work of Michael Halliday and his colleagues. An approach which views language as a strategic, meaning-making resource, systemic linguistics focuses on the analysis of authentic, everyday texts, and asks both how people use language to make meanings, and how language itself is organized to enable those meanings to be made.


Suzanne Eggins was Head of the School of English at the University of New South Wales, Australia, and now runs Textwork, where she is a professional writer and editor.


"This book is certainly a welcome and valuable addition to the current literature both on introduction to systemic functional linguistics and on text analysis. I would certainly recommend this as the main textbook and/or reference book on introduction to systemic functional linguistics and/or systemic functional text analysis." The Linguist list, May 2005--Sanford Lakoff
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