Linguistics for Clinicians

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Linguistics for Clinicians provides an introduction to linguistic analysis in the clinical context. The book draws on a range of linguistic theories and descriptions, equipping readers with a conceptual toolkit that will enable them to: Analyze data systematically, taking into account different types of linguistic properties Pick out significant patterns that can give them clinically relevant cues Build explicit arguments to back up their observations and hypotheses. Select relevant linguistic items for assessment and therapy tasks. Analytical tips are included to anticipate and deal with common problems of clinical application. Extensive exercises further illustrate the use of linguistic concepts in data analysis and task construction. Linguistics for Clinicians is primarily a linguistics textbook for students and teachers in clinical courses. It is also a useful resource for practicing clinicians, psycholinguistics students and researchers in language impairments.


Language as a cognitive object and language as a social interaction How to use this text and how to do clinical linguistics Meaning and form in psycholinguistics Syntax as a handle on interconnections between sounds and meanings Syntactic tools The semantics of scenes Participants in scenes Meaning tools Putting together different perspectives Temporal perspectives Perspectives within perspectives.


Shula Chiat is Reader in Developmental Language Processing, Department of Human Communication Science, University College London, UK. Maria Black is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Language and Communication, University College London, UK.

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