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August 2003



A consideration of the performance of Blackness and race in general, in relation to sexuality and critiques of authenticity.


E. Patrick Johnson is a performance artist and Assistant Professor of Performance Studies at Northwestern University.


"a welcome addition to the field." The Lambda Book Report "Johnson adds some heretofore unheard of twists to the continuing saga of this most important black intellectual thought... [A] welcome addition to the field.--Toni Lester, Lambda Book Report "Johnson's first book ... is an accomplished and original study that deftly traverses both the mythology of, and networks of power that remain embedded within, America's deep racial segregation... [I]t is obvious that he seems destined to join Cornell West as a leading authority on race, not to mention performance studies and queer theory both in the United States and abroad."-- James Tierney, M/C: A Journal of Media and Culture "Appropriating Blackness marks a daring intervention in performance studies and African American studies. Its critical and ethical concerns will resonate for those working in numerous other fields, such as cultural anthropology; philosophy; critical ethnicity and race studies; gay, lesbian and queer studies; pedagogy studies; and music."-- Antonio Viego, GLQ "Appropriating Blackness offers an illuminating and compelling example of a critical politics of performing race. It decisively intervenes in disciplinary dialogues to rethink performance theory through the praxis of blackness, and to rethink black theory through performance... Appropriating Blackness is one of the most significant studies to emerge in performance studies. It is a book we will need, a book we will use, and a book that marks our best disciplinary work."--Kristin M. Langellier, Text and Performance Quarterly
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