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The reminiscences of an anthropologist revisiting the site of his fieldwork from the 1970s; it is also an account of the life of a prominent politician (and friend of the author) in Sierra Leone.


Night flight to Freetown; The north; Place of refuge; In Kabala; The beef; Within these four walls; The executions; Fina Kamara's story; Tina Kome Marah; early days; Independence; Going abroad; In government; Thinking back; Seeds of conflict; The war; Day into night; The reverses of fortune; The value of shade; Exile; In Conakry; Trust and truth; The hotel


Michael Jackson is Professor of Anthropology at the University of Copenhagen. He is an award-winning poet, novelist, and anthropologist. Among his many books are" Minima Ethnographica: Intersubjectivity and the Anthropological Project"; "Barawa, and the Ways Birds Fly in the Sky";" At Home in the World" (published by Duke University Press);" Pieces of Music," a novel; and" Antipodes, " a collection of poetry.


"succeeds in throwing light on the rebellion... Drawing on his experience before the war and supplementing it with post-war interviews, Jackson helps us understand those who took to violence." Times Literary Supplement "compelling... arresting." Foreign Affairs "A melancholic, reflective and informed work that will fascinate readers wishing to learn more about West African politics and people." Publishers Weekly "A fascinating document that reflects importantly on widescale violence and war, the nature of narrative, the sensibilities of witnessing, the play of memory, and the predicament of anthropology in places and among peoples that the discipline has studied in calmer times." George Marcus, author of Ethnography through Thick and Thin "Throughout In Sierra Leone interpersonal, domestic relations of inequality - the everyday resentments, harshness, and ironies that characterize hierarchical relations between Big Men and their entourage, older brothers and their juniors - unfold against the backdrop of History with a capital H. Only someone with Michael Jackson's unique blend of anthropological and poetic sensibility and long-term engagement with Sierra Leone could write this book." Mariane Ferme, author of The Underneath of Things: Violence, History, and the Everyday in Sierra Leone "In Sierra Leone succeeds in throwing light on the rebellion--and the ubiquity of public corruption in parts of African countries--by examing the difficulties [S.B.} Marah faced in reconciling the multiple demands placed upon him ... thoughtful and at times surprising ... offer[s] real insights into the problems ... described."--TLS, Feb 25 2005 "Jackson's book is profound, thought-provoking and moving, and should be read by anyone with an interest in Sierra Leone."--Global Dialogue Vol 6 Number 3-4, Summer/Autumn 2004
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