Tourism, Recreation and Sustainability

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This text present analytical frameworks for examining the concept of sustainability in tourism and recreation within the context of sustainable development. It also includes numerous case studies in a variety of cultural, political and environmental contexts.


The role of recreation ecology in sustainable tourism and ecotourism; the tourism opportunity spectrum - a framework for discussion of sustainable tourism?; a sustainable response to over visitation in England's national parks; responsible tourism with the African great apes; nature preservation, sense of place, and sustainable tourism: can the "Yellowstone Experience" survive?; self developed rural tourism - a method of sustainable tourism development; sustainable tourism that counts - ecotourism, volunteerism and serious leisure.


"The editors are both lecturers in the University of Montana School of Forestry. The contributors are overwhelmingly North American, 21 of 26 being from Canada or the United States. The underlying theme of this book is that sustainable tourism needs to be considered in the context of sustainable economic development, while accepting that there is no single accepted definition of sustainable tourism. The editors acknowledge that one of the problems with discussing sustainable tourism is maintaining the illusion of being aware of the question when the reality is quite different. ... The articles in this book give a more than adequate picture of current views on sustainable tourism and recreation. As such, it should soon become an essential item on graduate reading lists."--John Street (MSc in Tourism, Conservation and Sustainable Development from Greenwich University)
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