Navajo as Seen by the Franciscans, 1898-1921: A Sourcebook

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Utilizing both primary and secondary materials, this sourcebook presents the views of the Franciscan missionaries to the Navajo people, both in their personal writings and in national publications and mission magazines addressing the Catholic laity and potential donors. Selections include internal reports and position papers not intended for publication, diaries and personal correspondence, and notes and unfinished drafts.


Part 1 Abbreviations Part 2 Series Editor's Foreword Part 3 Foreword Part 4 Acknowledgments Part 5 Introduction Part 6 Part 1: Beginnings Chapter 7 1. The Birth of the Navajo Missions Chapter 8 2. Beginnings of St. Michael's Mission and School Chapter 9 3. First Christmases Chapter 10 4. "Suspicion Is almost a Virtue Here" Chapter 11 5. Father Anselm's 1899 San Juan Exploration Chapter 12 6. First Impressions and Councils with Headmen, 1900 Chapter 13 7. Fall 1900: Students to Santa Fe, Headmen to Cienega Chapter 14 8. Mission to the San Juan, 1904 Part 15 Part 2: Indian Policy Chapter 16 9. Federal Policy and Indian Missions, 1869-1916 Chapter 17 10. What Are We Doing for the Indians? Part 18 Part 3: Early Ministry: 1901-1910 Chapter 19 11. Neighbors Chapter 20 12. Chin Lee in Retrospect Chapter 21 13. Time in the Saddle, Students, and Sacraments Chapter 22 14. Law and Order, American Style Chapter 23 15. The Navajo Trouble of 1905 Chapter 24 16. The Case of Des Chee Nee Chapter 25 17. The Last Warrior Part 26 Part 4: Navajo Land Chapter 27 18. Land Claims: Learning to Use the Law Chapter 28 19. White Profits from Navajo Lands Chapter 29 20. The Navajo Indians: A Statement of Facts Chapter 30 21. My Work on Navajo Land Problems Part 31 Part 5: Among the People, 1911-1920 Chapter 32 22. The Faith for One and All Chapter 33 23. Shortcoats and Longgowns Chapter 34 24. Tales of Lukachukai Chapter 35 25. A Sick Call to Crystal Chapter 36 26. Navajo on the Warpath? Chapter 37 27. St. Isabel's: The Missing Pages Chapter 38 28. "You Ministers Seem to Make Trouble for Us Wherever You Are" Chapter 39 29. Life at Chin Lee Mission, 1917-1918: Contrasting Views Chapter 40 30. The Struggle for Chin Lee Chapter 41 31. Influenza Epidemic Chapter 42 32. Priorities Part 43 Part 6: Navajo Customs and Character Chapter 44 33. Navajo Land and People Chapter 45 34. The Character of the Navajo Chapter 46 35. Navajo Names Chapter 47 36. Family Love and Family Work Chapter 48 37. The Navajo Woman and Her Home Chapter 49 38. Mealtimes with the Navajo Chapter 50 39. Pawn, Games, Gambling Chapter 51 40. Navajo Ethics Chapter 52 41. Prayer and Sacrifice in Navajo Perspective Chapter 53 42. The Natural and the Supernatural Chapter 54 43. The Navajo and Christianity Part 55 Appendix: Franciscan Friars of the Province of St. John Baptist Serving the Navajo Missions, 1898-1921 Part 56 Bibliography Part 57 Index Part 58 About the Contributors


Howard M. Bahr is Professor of Sociology at Brigham Young University and the author of Dine Bibliography to the 1990s: A Companion to the Navajo Bibliography of 1969 (Scarecrow Press, 1999).


This volume succeeds brilliantly in bringing to life the writings of first-generation Franciscans who worked among the Navajo. With meticulous archival work as well as careful editing and juxtaposition of texts, Bahr (Brigham Young Univ.) provides an in-depth introduction to the mission and the Franciscans' multifaceted work as pastors, preachers, ethnologists, legal advocates, peacemakers, and linguists...Highly recommended. All readers. CHOICE Howard Bahr's The Navajo as Seen by the Franciscans, 1898-1921, is an invaluable sourcebook for the extraordinary confluence between the Dine and the early Franciscans...Many of these writings are difficult to access, and their being assembled in one book is a great contribution to the study of the Franciscan view of the Navajo during the pivotal years, 1898-1921...Bahr's book, with its brilliant introduction detailing the friars' contribution to the mutually enriching Franciscan/Navajo confluence, is an illuminating account of the sensitivity of the early Franciscans to the Navajo. The Catholic Historical Review These records provide absolutely engrossing reading and make a significant historical contribution. American Reference Books Annual In their efforts to convert the Navajo to Catholicism, the Franciscans at the St. Michael mission in Arizona, lived among the Navajo to study their language and culture. This sourcebook collects the friars' observations from the early period of the mission, 1898 to 1921, as recorded in their correspondence, journal entries and administrative reports. Bahr...uses primary and secondary material and provides biographical and historical background for his selections. Reference and Research Book News
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