Applied Linguistics as Social Science

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August 2004



Genre theory in the past few years has contributed immensely to our understanding of the way discourse is used in academic, professional and institutional contexts. However, its development has been constrained by the nature and design of its applications, which have invariably focused on language teaching and learning, or communication training and consultation. This has led to the use of simplified and idealised genres. In contrast to this, the real world of discourse is complex, dynamic and unpredictable. This tension between the real world of written discourse and its representation in applied genre-based literature is the main theme of this book.


Foreword by Derek Layder; Introduction; Making connections: some key issues in social theory and applied linguistics; Sociology and ideas about language; Language as a cultural emergent property; Researching language learning: theories, evidence, claims; Social categories and theoretical descriptions; Social domain theory: interpreting intercultural communication; Language in the world: properties and powers; A social realist approach to research in applied linguistics


Alison Sealey is Senior Lecturer in Modern English Language at the University of Birmingham. Bob Carter is Associate Professor in Sociology at the University of Warwick.


"This book addresses an important question for linguists and applied linguists... Not all applied linguists agree they are social scientists, but this detailed and wide-ranging book should persuade them of the risks of ignoring the sociological tradition, for it is full of detailed examples of theory and practice, carefully examined from both linguistic and sociological perspectives." Professor Christopher Brumfit, University of Southampton
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