Cuban Music from A to Z-CL

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The definitive guide to the composers, artists, bands, musical instruments, dances, and institutions of Cuban music.


Helio Orovio is a musicologist and historian with the Institute of Folklore and Ethnology of Cuba's Academy of Sciences. He is the author of "El bolero latina" and "Musica por el caribe "and the host of the Cuban television show "Arte y Folklore. "He is also a musician who has played with many bands including Conjunto Jovenes del Cayo.""


"Readers and the jazz listening audience who enjoy Cuban music will want to own a copy of "Cuban Music from A to Z," . . . Covering the full range of dance, styles, performers, composers, and related subjects, this is a pleasing book to read at your leisure. Much, much information is given in a crisp, highly readable format. This is a must-have reference book for your Cuban section in the home library, and a nice book to have on hand for library patrons at the Public Library."
--Lee Prosser, "Jazzreview.com"
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