Crossing Borderlands: Composition and Postcolonial Studies

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Mai 2004



On the surface, postcolonial studies and composition studies appear to have little in common. However, they share a strikingly similar goal: to provide power to the words and actions of those who have been marginalized or oppressed. Postcolonial studies accomplishes this goal by opening a space for the voices of "others" in traditional views of history and literature. Composition studies strives to empower students by providing equal access to higher education and validation for their writing. For two fields that have so much in common, very little dialogue exists between them. "Crossing Borderlands" attempts to establish such an exchange in the hopes of creating a productive "borderland" where they can work together to realize common goals.


Andrea A. Lunsford, professor of English and director of the program in writing and rhetoric at Stanford University, is the author of Reclaiming Rhetorica. Lahoucine Ouzgane is associate professor of English at the University of Alberta.


"Forward looking, cutting edge, and innovative." - Lynn Worsham, University of South Florida; "[Lunsford and Ouzgane] broaden our understanding of how best to approach the ever-widening number of students of color in our classrooms. I think this is a great book - about time, even." - Victor Villanueva, Washington State University
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