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An innovative socio-rhetorical commentary on Revelation, with a 'Suggested Reading List' and entire NRSV translation.


Part I. Introduction: 1. Authorship, date and audience of the apocalypse; 2. The resources, rhetoric and restructuring of Revelation; 3. Revelation in its social setting in West Asia Minor; 4. The christology of Revelation; 5. The genre of Revelation; 6. A brief tour of the Book of Revelation; Part II. Suggested Reading on Revelation: 1. The genre of Revelation; 2. Commentaries; 3. Rhetorical studies; 4. Sociological and anthropological approaches; 5. Classical and archaeological resources; 6. History of interpretation; 7. Theology; 8. Important monographs; 9. Articles of interest; Part III. Commentary: 1. Rev. 1.1-3: Visionary material: handle carefully; 2. Rev. 1.4-1.20: The Heavenly Son of Man; 3. Rev. 2-3: postcards from the edge; 4. Rev. 4-5: the throne room vision; 5. Rev. 6.1-8.5: The Seven Seals; 6. Rev. 8.5-11: The Seven Trumpets; 7. Rev. 12: The woman and the dragon; 8. Rev. 13.1-14.5: 666 and his spokesman; 9. Rev. 14.6-14.20: Three angelic messengers; 10. Rev. 15.1-16.21: The seven eschatological plagues; 11. Rev. 17.1-19.10: Babylon the Harlot; 12. Rev. 19.11-21.8: The rider on the white horse, redemptive-judgment and the messianic millennium; 13. Rev. 21.9-22.5: The tour of the New Jerusalem; 14. Rev. 22.6-22.21: The epilogue; Part IV. Appendix: A Millennial Problem; Index.


'This is a highly accessible commentary on what most readers find the most difficult book in the New Testament. As well as relating Revelation to its late first century context and tracking its rhetorical force, Witherington strongly refutes some of the extraordinary misinterpretations of Revelation that are so influential in contemporary America. This is a commentary which a wide range of readers will find helpful for its clarity of explanation and its theological and pastoral relevance.' Professor Richard Bauckham, University of St. Andrews, Scotland 'Ben Witherington III is the General Editor for the New Cambridge Bible Commentary series; as author of this commentary on Revelation [] he is blazing a trail for the new series.' Expository Times 'Witherington's commentary on Revelation is academically rigorous, and in touch with recent scholarship giving the non-specialist reader helpful ways into the debates on the text. Difficult passages are handled with clarity. ... highly recommended for providing clear and judicious exposition, a comprehensive introduction to academic debate for the non-specialist, and stimulating reflection for contemporary Christian living.' Anvil 'This is a carefully designed, clear and well-written brief commentary on Revelation, the first in a new series The New Cambridge Bible Commentary. ... this is well-written, informative, traditional biblical studies, with some pastoral reflections.' Journal for the Study of the New Testament 'Witherington offers a 'socio-rhetorical' approach, but does this by rooting Revelation in the first century. The commentary offers suggested reading early on, and this gives a good overview of scholarship on Revelation. Witherington appears to be in touch with the major streams of thinking in the areas noted above, and his commentary is impressively concise.' Ian Paul, The Expository Times 'This is a solid commentary. ... It introduces the reader to recent mainstream, sound research on Revelation, it fruitfully engages in debate with questionable literalist readings, it opens the eyes for Revelation as a book of the first century, it applies responsible hermeneutical strategies and, finally, it also assists readers who are interested in more contemporary application of its materials.' Neotestamentica
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