Shakespeare's Visual Theatre: Staging the Personified Characters

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September 2014



Frederick Kiefer looks at the personified characters created by Shakespeare in his plays (his walking, talking abstractions) in this study of Shakespeare's visual culture. These include Rumour in 2 Henry IV, Time in The Winter's Tale, Spring and Winter in Love's Labour's Lost, Revenge in Titus Andronicus, and the deities in the late plays. Kiefer reconstructs their appearances; explains the symbolism of their costumes and props; and assesses their significance for the plays in which they appear.


Acknowledgments; Introduction; List of illustrations; 1. Spring and winter in Love's Labour's Lost; 2. Revenge, murder, and rape in Titus Andronicus; 3. Rumour in 2 Henry IV; 4. Hecate and the witches in Macbeth; 5. The five senses in Timon of Athens; 6. Time and the deities in the late plays; Conclusion; Select bibliography.


Frederick Kiefer is Professor of English at the University of Arizona, Tucson. He is the author of Fortune and Elizabethan Tragedy (1983) and Writing on the Renaissance Stage: Written Words, Printed Pages, Metaphoric Books (1996).


'A handsomely illustrated and presented book.' Shakespeare at the Centre Magazine '... lavishly illustrated and interesting ... This book as a whole is stronger than its individual parts, and it is significant because it brings together all of Shakespeare's personified characters in a single story, allowing readers to see these figures as similar forms of theatrical and artistic representation.' MLR 'Frederick Kiefer's Shakespeare's Visual Theatre provides readers with a prime example of the power of informed conjectural readings based on extraliterary sources. ... This is a carefully researched and thoughtfully written examination of an important and neglected aspect of Shakespeare's drama. ... Kiefer's book has the capacity to reorient significantly current discussion of Renaissance English literature, dramatic and otherwise ... important and painstakingly detailed ...'. Sixteenth Century Journal
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