The Cambridge Companion to Postmodern Theology

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August 2012



Theologians have responded in many different ways to the challenges posed by theories of postmodernity. Kevin J. Vanhoozer addresses the issue directly in an introductory survey of what "talk about God" might mean in a postmodern age. The book offers examples of different types of contemporary theology in relation to postmodernity, and examines the key Christian doctrines in postmodern perspective. Leading theologians contribute to this informative Companion.


Preface; Part I. Types of Postmodern Theology: 1. Theology and the condition of postmodernity: a report on knowledge (of God) Kevin J. Vanhoozer; 2. Anglo-American postmodernity Nancey Murphy, Brad J. Kallenberg; 3. Postliberal theology George Hunslinger; 4. Postmetaphysical theology Thomas Carlson; 5. Deconstructive theology Graham Ward; 6. Reconstructive theology David Ray Griffin; 7. Feminist theology Mary McClintock Fulkerson; 8. Radical orthodoxy Steve Long; Part II. Christian Doctrine in Postmodern Perspective: 9. Scripture and tradition Kevin J. Vanhoozer; 10. Theological method Dan Stiver; 11. Trinity David Cunningham; 12. God and world Philip Clayton; 13. The human person John Webster; 14. Christology and salvation Walter Lowe; 15. Holy Spirit and Christian spirituality David Ford; 16. Ecclesiology Stanley Grenz.


Kevin J. Vanhoozer is Research Professor of Systematic Theology at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Illinois. Before that he taught for eight years at New College, University of Edinburgh, where he was Senior Lecturer in Theology and Religious Studies. He is the author of Biblical Narrative in the Philosophy of Paul Ricoeur (1990), Is There a Meaning in this Text? The Bible, the Reader, and the Morality of Literary Knowledge (1998), First Theology: God, Scripture, and Hermeneutics (2002) and The Drama of Doctrine: A Canonical-Linguistic Approach to Theology (2003). He was also the co-founder and co-chair for many years of the Systematic Theology group in the American Academy of Religion.


'... the outline of various types of post-modern theology, including 'post-liberalism', 'radical orthodoxy' and the impact of post-modern thought on feminist theology is interesting.' Christian Marketplace 'This much-needed volume is a valuable guide through the often-murky waters of postmodern theology.' Calvin Theological Journal '... arguably the most significant collection ... It gathers together contributions from leading Christian theologians and philosophers of religion - including Venhoozer himself, Graham Ward and Mary McClintock Fulkerson - to consider the challenges and opportunities offered by postmodernity to theology ... This collection seems to be predominantly aimed at students of theology and the philosophy of religion ... but there is much here to think about for anyone working in the fields of continental philosophy of religion and theology ... Graham Ward's 'Deconstructive Theologies' offers a characteristically penetrating account of the promise and threat of deconstruction for theology ... Mary McClintock Fulkerson is given the unenviable task of surveying Feminist theologies in one short essay but she effortlessly meets it in a clear and constructive account which will serve as an excellent introduction to students entering this rich and varied field for the first time ... Kevin Vanhoozer's own excellent contribution explores the impact of postmodern thought and Derridean deconstruction in particular on scriptural exigesis ... I hope it goes without saying that Postmodern Theology is an extremely significant contribution and - despite my reservations - arguably the only really indispensable publication in the field for teachers and students this year.' Year's Work in Critical and Cultural Theory
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