La Merica: Images of Italian Greenhorn Experience

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Oktober 2003



In "La Merica, Michael Lo Sorte examines Italian immigration prior to World War I. In addition to drawing upon the commentary of recent scholars, as well as the statistical documents of the day, La Sorte has searched out individual stories in the published and unpublished diaries, letters, and autobiographies of immigrants who lived the "greenhorn" "(grignoni) experience. Through detailed narration, La Sorte traces the men's lives from their native villages across the Atlantic through the ports of entry to their first immigrant jobs. He describes their views of Italy, America, and each other, the cultural and linguistic adjustments that they were compelled to make, and their motives for either Americanizing or repatriating themselves. What emerges is a powerful, moving, alternately funny and appalling picture of their everyday lives.


"La Sorte aims to flesh out the immigrant experience in a way that more analytical and statistical studies have failed to do, and he succeeds to an extraordinary extent." --Contemporary Sociology "His [Michael La Sorte's] book is full of personal stories, unencumbered by theories of immigrant history, of the men and women who came to a strange land with little money, no knowledge of the language, and only the slightest concept of exactly how they would survive... His tale is both sad and inspirational." --The Boston Globe "...a brilliantly conceived and executed book, profoundly moving. It will haunt me." --Bart Giamatti, former President, Yale University "...intimate and authentic." --Gay Talese, The New York Times Book Review "...A scholarly gem." --Professor Jerre Mangione "...intimate and authentic." --Gay Talese, The New York Times Book Review
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