Memory as a Programming Concept in C and C++

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November 2003



Assuming readers have a basic familiarity with C or C++, Frantisek Franek describes the techniques, methods and tools available to develop effective memory usage. The overwhelming majority of "bugs" and crashes in computer programming stem from problems of memory access, allocation, or deallocation. Such memory related errors are notoriously difficult to resolve. Moreover, the role that memory plays in C and C++ programming is a subject often overlooked in courses and in books. Most professional programmers learn about it entirely through actual experience of the problems it causes.


1. Introduction; 2. From source file to executable file; 3. Variables and objects, pointers and addresses; 4. Dynamic allocation and deallocation of memory; 5. Functions and function calls; 6. One-dimensional arrays and strings; 7. Multi-dimensional arrays; 8. Classes and objects; 9. Linked data structures; 10. Memory leaks and their debugging; 11. Programs in execution - processes and threads.
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