Transforming English Rural Society: The Verneys and the Claydons, 1600-1820

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John Broad explores the rise and fall of the Verney family of Middle Claydon, Buckinghamshire, demonstrating the family's rise to wealth as motivated by a strong dynastic imperative. He reveals how the family managed its estates to maximize income and used its wealth to transform the Claydon villages and landscape, creating a pattern of "open" and "closed" parishes. Based on the formidable Verney family archive with its abundant correspondence, this book will appeal to anyone interested in the English countryside as a dynamic force in English social, economic and demographic history.


List of figures; List of tables; Preface; Acknowledgements; Note on editorial practice; List of abbreviations; 1. Introduction; Part I. Re-establishing a Gentry Family 1600-1657: 2. A gentry family in county and court society 1603-1642; 3. The Civil War and Interregnum 1642-1657; 4. The creation of an enclosed estate 1600-1657; Part II. The Shaping of Family and Village 1657-1740: 5. Land, business and dynastic advance 1657-1736; 6. The making of a modern landed estate; 7. Power in the community - the making of an estate village 1660-1740; Part III. The Great Estate and Estate Communities c. 1700-1820: 8. The rise and fall of Verney fortunes in the eighteenth century 1740-1820; 9. Transforming the Claydons in the eighteenth century; 10. Conclusion; Appendix A: Sir Ralph Verney's confessional letter of 1650; Appendix B: the genealogy of the Verney family; Bibliography; Index.


John Broad is Principal Lecturer in History at the London Metropolitan University.


'... achieves this work provides a valuable addition to the broader social and economic history of rural England in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries ... It deserves a wide readership.' Agricultural History Review '... an important study of rural and agricultural capitalism ... John Broad has already made several major contributions to the history of Buckinghamshire ... a work of high calibre, an exemplary synthesis of 'family', 'economic' and 'social' history.' Buckinghamshire Archaeological Society '... an inspiration for researchers in southern England and deserves a wide readership.' Jean Morrin, University of Winchester
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