The Racketeer's Progress

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This book looks at economic violence in early twentieth-century Chicago.


1. Modernisation and its discontents, 1900; 2. Ruling the urban economy; 3. The struggle for order; 4. The progressive reaction; 5. Rhetoric into law; 6. Containing mass society and the problem of corruption; 7. From conspiracy to racketeering; 8. The new deal order from the bottom up; Epilogue: policing the post-war consensus.


Review of the hardback: 'Insisting that we look beyond the gleaming factories and department stores that have dominated the historical literature to the highly complex, unstable, and violent world of small businessmen and skilled craftsmen that dominated the early twentieth-century city and fiercely resisted the triumph of corporate capitalism, Andrew Cohen makes us look at the social organisation of the city anew and develops a bracing reinterpretation of the political economy of the Progressive Era and New Deal. Prodigiously researched and boldly argued, this is revisionist history at its best.' George Chauncey, University of Chicago
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