Modern Social Imaginaries

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Dezember 2003



An accounting of the varying forms of social imaginary that have underpinned the rise of Western modernity.


The modern moral order; What is a "social imaginary"?; The spectre of idealism; The great disembedding; The economy as objectified reality; Public and private; The sovereign people; Am all-pervasive order; The direct-access society; Agency and objectification; Modes of narration; The meaning of secularity; Provincializing Europe


Charles Taylor is Board of Trustees Professor of Law and Philosophy at Northwestern University, Professor Emeritus of Political Science and Philosophy at McGill University, and former Chichele Professor of Social and Political Theory at Oxford University. He is the author of many books and articles, including "Varieties of Religion Today: William James Revisited; Sources of the Self: The Making of the Modern Identity; The Ethics of Authenticity; Hegel; "and the essay "The Politics of Recognition," which appeared in "Multiculturalism" (edited by Amy Gutmann).


"A pleasingly crunchy essay." The Guardian "Charles Taylor presents a fundamental challenge to neo-liberal apologists for the new world order - but not only to them. Anyone who wishes, as I do, to defend trans-cultural political ideals, notions of development, or the like, will have to face his formidable array of hermeneutically inspired reflections on Western modernity's defining cultural formations. His particular take on the 'social imaginary' makes the strongest case there is for the idea of 'multiple modernities.'" Thomas McCarthy, Northwestern University Charles Taylor's new book continues his project of erudite investigations into the origins of the modern sense of self... The author's breadth of learning and humanistic disposition constitute a rare fusion of qualities in the current climate of intellectual warfare..." Montreal Book Review, "As always with Taylor, the writing is marked by erudition, elegance, and generosity of spirit. The book, while hardly mentioning Islam or other traditions, may be seen as a quietly understated thesis congruent with Samuel Huntington's more pointed reflections on 'the clash of civilizations.' " First Things
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